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Champions Profile

Saad Alaam and Lee Jokl

Co-Founders of Citelighter Download Profile

Prior to Citelighter, CEO and Co-founder, Saad Alam, was the Director of Sales and Marketing for Health Central, a Sequoia-backed company with a successful exit (3rd Largest online healthcare publisher). Prior to Health Central, Saad was part of a corporate MBA program at Eli Lilly. He was responsible for $3.8B of market research, message development, business development, and strategic implementation for 3 brands across the nation; his efforts can be linked to $125M in incremental revenue. While at Lilly he was responsible creating and implementing the largest internal digital pharma conference to date in addition to an internal venture fund to motivate people to create change

Saad holds a BS from SUNY Albany, an MPH in Environmental Health Science from Columbia University, and an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from the University of Rochester, where he was the youngest student body President.

Prior to Citelighter, COO and Co-founder Lee Jokl was a Business Analyst with CGI Group, Inc., a leading Fortune 500 IT Services and Consulting company. In his role, Lee was responsible for the financial management of a $32 million P&L, which included all hosting and datacenter operations for all of CGI's US business.

Lee holds a BA in Economics from Hobart College, and an MBA in Marketing and Corporate Strategy from the University of Rochester, where he served with Saad as student body Vice President.

Saad and Lee met nearly 7 years ago in business school where they both shared a passion for creating a business with social impact. After several years in the corporate world decided to pursue their entreprenuerial dream by creating Citeligther. Under their management Citelighter has grown to be used by students at nearly 2,100 schools and has won 6 national awards.

Together they have been able to create a passionate team with experience in education to produce Citelighter. It is a writing platform that helps students perform more effective research and writing assignments, while teaching them to think critically and solve 21st century problems. As students use Citelighter, our proprietary technology also provides teachers with a summary of the actions that each student takes during the research and writing processes. This allows teachers to provide more effective feedback to the student and to better understand how each individual learns.

They just made the brave move from New York City to Baltimore to become part of the burgeoning EdTech ecosystem in the region. The move was prompted by the strong sense of community they felt from all of the stakeholders within the value chain – students, teachers, investors, and administrators.