Real Estate

The Greater Baltimore market presents a great value for real estate given its geographic position in the Northeast corridor. The lower cost of buying and leasing property of all types presents a competitive advantage for businesses and home buyers looking to expand in or relocate to Greater Baltimore.

Commercial and Industrial

The office market in Greater Baltimore presents the opportunity for affordable expansion and relocation. From low-cost commercial and industrial space and high-end office buildings and manufacturing facilities, the Greater Baltimore market is built to suit the needs of potential businesses.

The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore helps businesses during the expansion or relocation process. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you grow in the Greater Baltimore community.

The following are firms that produce regional commercial and industrial real estate news and reports:


The Greater Baltimore housing market offers one of the best values among all major US coastal metros. High opportunity and relatively low home prices for the area create a favorable market for potential buyers.

As of second quarter 2013, the median home price of $262,700 in Greater Baltimore was well above the US average of $203,500. However, the region’s price remained lower than most other coastal markets, including neighboring DC at $403,000.

As of March 2013, Greater Baltimore was in the lower half of the largest US metros in terms of foreclosure rates, but only 5.5 percent of total homes in Greater Baltimore were foreclosed.