Below is a list of data spreadsheets that track different aspects of the Greater Baltimore economy and population. If information is unclear, out of date, or you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Business Trends Summary: A summary comparison of business patterns, like number of establishments, paid employees,and annual payroll for Baltimore-Towson, Maryland and the USA. Revised 1/5/15

Employment: Year-end employment growth figures and the current unemployment rate. Revised 7/31/15

Gross Metropolitan Product Statistics: Various tables and charts depicting the trends in gross metropolitan product in Greater Baltimore, including data by industry and industry trends. Revised 1/5/15

Income Statistics: A table depicting the trends in Per Capita Income (PCI) and Median Household Income among the top 25 US metros. Revised 1/8/15

Industry Statistics Summary: A thorough analysis of the industrial make up in Greater Baltimore, including location quotient statistics, 5-year changes, and charts.

International: A series of tables detailing top exports, trade destinations, immigration and spoken languages. Revised 1/5/15

Metropolitan Demographic Summary: A complete summary of demographic figures for Greater Baltimore, including migration patterns, educational attainment, income, race, age, and comparisons by county and metro areas. Revised 1/5/15

New and Expanding Businesses: The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore strives to maintain an up-to-date database of new and expanding businesses in the Greater Baltimore region as thoroughly as possible. Revised 8/3/2015

Occupation Statistics Summary: A complete list of tables showing employment and wages by occupation sector in the Greater Baltimore region. Revised 1/12/15

Population Statistics for MSAs: Tables showing population statistics from 2000 for metropolitan statistical areas throughout the US.

Real Estate Snapshot: A set of tables highlighting the most recent figures for commercial, industrial, residential, and retail buildings and construction. Revised 3/5/2014

Top Employers: A list of the top employers in Greater Baltimore, organized by a variety of categories and industries.

Transportation Data: Tables showing the most recent air and shipping port data for Greater Baltimore. Revised 1/9/15

Venture Capital: A set of tables breaking down the DC Metroplex (Maryland, Virginia, DC and West Virginia) and comparing venture capital funding in IT services, biotechnology and healthcare services.