Advance Maryland

Advance Maryland is a business program that focuses on supporting growth companies and letting them know how important they are to the prosperity and sustainability of local economies. Instead of offering traditional incentives like tax credits or real estate discounts, this program offers something even more valuable: information — strategic information — gathered with the company’s guidance and specifically tailored to the company. This model has been deployed across the country from Florida to Pennsylvania to Colorado with impressive results.

In contrast to traditional business assistance which focuses on finances, business plans and operational issues, economic acceleration addresses strategic growth challenges, from developing new markets and refining business models, to gaining access to competitive intelligence. To do this, teams of highly skilled research specialists mine sophisticated databases and leverage a number of high-end tools related to search engine optimization, social media marketing and geographic information systems.

In partnership with the National Center for Economic Gardening and the Maryland Department of Commerce we have established a regional network to provide virtual access to teams of highly skilled research specialists that will be matched with a select set of qualifying companies. Using private conference calls and a secure online workspace, the team will interview the company to identify the project’s scope and goals. The team will devote a few weeks of time to quickly deliver action-oriented information.


News and Updates

The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore and the Department of Commerce have announced that applications are now being accepted for the next round. Click here for a full press release.


How to Apply

  • Businesses must be referred by one of our participating organizations. To find one in your area, email Sharon Markley or Sean McEvoy.
  • Complete the online application. You will need to create a free login account to apply.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the selection team. If accepted, we will schedule an interview between your company and the research team to begin the process. 

Economic gardening specialists enable CEOs to identify opportunities they may not be aware of and point them to new tools and information to apply immediately — which is why it’s ideal for second-stage companies.-Chris Gibbons, Founder, National Center for Economic Gardening

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